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Parallels Remote Application Server

The most cost-effective way to deliver
Windows applications anywhere - without complexity!

Parallels Remote Application Server is one of the industry’s leading solution for application and desktop delivery. Using a set of auto deployment wizards it publishes Windows desktops from the major hypervisors and applications from Microsoft RDS. It provides continuous availability, resource-based load balancing and complete end-to-end reporting.




10 Key Benefits of Parallels Remote Application Server

  1. Make any application available on any device
  2. Use local printer and scanner with peripheral redirection out of the box
  3. Security reinforced with the two factors authentications and SSL encryption
  4. Full Windows client management and powerful client device shadowing
  5. Monitor IT infrastructure with the advanced reporting
  6. Optimize computing resources with smart load balancing
  7. Installation and configuration simplified by the configuration wizards
  8. Advanced clientless access from any HTML5 compatible browser
  9. Seamless end user experience across a wide range of devices
  10. High availability mode available for servers and gateways

Easily deliver Windows applications hosted on hypervisors and Windows remote desktop servers to anyone anywhere using any type of operating system, computer or mobile device.

Easy to configure and install; it can be set up in less than 5 minutes. Parallels Remote Application Server instantly empowers employees with mobile access to applications hosted on Windows system for use on any device, anywhere. Parallels also transforms any HTML5 browser, Raspberry Pi and Chromebooks into full-fledged PCs. It definitely makes easy for IT to securely enable enterprise BYOD initiatives.




Application Delivery & VDI

Deliver seamless applications and desktops based on the most popular hypervisors to remote users and mobile devices in an easy-to-manage way. Parallels easily manages Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) independently or altogether.


The Parallels reporting tools provide an extensive overview of your infrastructure. Parallels delivers real-time monitoring with preconfigured reports, covering anything from applications to remote session activity. Support your team in the best possible way by knowing in advance when they will need you.

Remote Desktop–VDI

Fast start environment setup and simply maintenance with the intuitive wizards that help IT staff to quickly deploy applications and servers. Parallels is the first connection broker built with an IT administrator friendly approach achieving complex tasks in an easy way. Delivering an application is now a pleasant experience.


High Availability–Load Balancing

Load balancing provides high performance across your organization, allowing your gateways and your servers to work at high availability. Load balance all servers, gateways and even CPU power on a single machine. Parallels Remote Application Server easily configures the infrastructure to your load needs by optimizing your resources.

Desktop Management

Regain up to 80% of the time normally used to configure and manage desktop clients. Parallels allows you to transform any Windows client into a secure and fully managed workstation. Existing and legacy company computers can be used as is, immediately starting to deliver remote desktop and virtual applications.

Universal Printing and Scanning

Allow your users to print and scan from any device: their desktop, thin client, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone or HTML5 browsers. Parallels Universal Printing and Scanning is auto-configured, without any extra action required by the IT Administrator. Users can print and scan on all available printers and scanners, without having to install a driver.

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