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> Increase your Internet speed & reliability at your home or small office
> Bond together any Internet connections
> Save on your Internet bandwidth cost



Truffle Lite is the latest of our award winning Truffle Broadband Bonding Network Appliance, the next generation Internet load balancer with packet granularity aggregation and Internet failover. Truffle Lite condenses 10 years of research and development leadership on Internet load balancing, WAN virtualization, WAN optimization and Broadband Bonding, into a compact yet powerful Internet aggregation device with built-in Internet failover.

Truffle Lite, our entry level Internet aggregator, is ideal for home offices and small offices that wish to aggregate multiple Internet access lines (Internet load balance at packet granularity) for increased performance and reliability in a cost-effective way. With Truffle Lite, multiple DSL, cable modem or T1 services can be combined to provide higher speed and more reliable Internet access. Truffle Lite is the ideal packet level Internet load balancer that is highly cost effective.

Truffle Lite is also a stateful firewall, bandwidth manager, traffic monitoring, Internet failover and traffic shaping appliance that is packed with cutting edge adaptive Quality of Service features - all in one box. We have used our fundamental know-how and Truffle architecture in designing Truffle Lite, which means you will still have the dependability, scalability, remote manageability and field upgradable firmware features as standard.

The base Truffle Lite model has 2 Ethernet based WAN and 2 Ethernet based LAN ports with the optional 1 or 2 more additional Ethernet based WAN ports for a total of up to 4 WAN ports. It also supports 2 USB based WAN ports for wireless data cards from any wireless carrier.

With our pass-through installation that can be done under 180 seconds, all you need to do is to slide the Truffle Lite between your existing network/firewall and existing modem with no changes to your existing network, then add your additional WAN lines and you are all set with a blazing fast and extremely reliable Internet connection.




With Truffle Lite Internet load balancer, all HTTP downlink sessions are aggregated for faster transfer via the Broadband Bonding technology. Even in cases of single HTTP session (an example of such a session is a single file download), all Internet access lines are simultaneously and intelligently combined together to provide a faster data transfer for that single session.


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Aggregated point-to-multipoint Capacity with Virtual Leased Line

Truffle Lite, like any other Truffle, can peer over the Internet with a Truffle device that has the VLL server module, to create a bonded pipe between the two locations (such as a head-quarter office and the branch offices). In this peered mode, all uplink and downlink traffic between the head-quarter/data center office and the branch office location(s), including VPNs, can utilize the aggregated bandwidth of the combined Internet access links.


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High 9s network reliability

Automatic failover will protect against failure of one or more Internet access lines as long as at least one access line is still active. Additionally, Automated Domain Name Service (ADNS) optimization is used to maximize the utility of all active access lines, with automated email, syslog or SNMP alerts. This translates to both better performance and less downtime for your network.

Cellular data WAN connection

Truffle Lite supports 2 USB ports for cellular data cards. The cellular data card dongle can be configured as a fail-over-only or always-on WAN connection. In fail-over mode, in case of all the wired Internet access lines fail, the cellular data card will take over in less than 30 seconds providing seamless Internet failover.

Session Continuity

In case of Internet access line failures, the link failure recovery engine will recover the on-going session via redistributing the remaining load over the available access lines even for the sessions in progress, completely shielding the negative effects of a link failure from the users behind Truffle Lite. (This feature requires peered mode operation via another Truffle or Broadband Bonding Service. In standalone mode, the session continuity will be limited to http downlink).

Quality of Service

Various adaptive quality of service features enables dynamic bandwidth reservation for your selected applications and traffic types, that adaptively reserves bandwidth only when that traffic type is detected. You can also limit inbound/outbound traffic to defined bit rates, bind certain traffic types on to specified WAN links, manipulate traffic based on TOS identifier, block certain traffic types and much more.


QoS feature


Traffic Monitoring

A history of your traffic usage based on type, prototcol, interface or layer 7 deep packet inspection identification are presented with multi-color graphs with a time scale from seconds, minutes, hours, days and months.


performance graphs


DNS load balancing for inbound requests

Truffle Lite can easily be configured to provide Dynamic DNS load-balancing for inbound requests for internally hosted servers such as web-servers, ftp-servers, mail-servers etc.

Intelligent session-based load balancing

In peered mode, Truffle Lite will bond all types of traffic in downlink and uplink. Without peering, non-HTTP downlink sessions and all uplink sessions initiated from the Local Network, will be session based load balanced intelligently across the WAN lines. The application and cookie semantics will be preserved.

Pass-through installation

For installing Truffle Lite into your existing network, no changes are required at your firewall or network. Simply slide in the Truffle between your existing network/firewall and your existing modem and add the additional WAN links as you need. All the installation and configuration can be done through the web-based management interface locally or remotely.

No coordination with ISP

With the Truffle Lite, no new equipment or software is necessary from your Internet Service Provider(s) and all ISPs are supported. A user-friendly web-based management interface is provided for quick and easy configuration and system monitoring, either locally or remotely over the Internet.

Additional features include: DHCP server (can be turned off), state-full firewall (can be turned off), port forwarding, DMZ, UPnP support and others.

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