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MAX business benefits

> Streamline your processes
> Empower your customers
> Outrun the competition
> Stay agile and scale


Streamline your processes

Total control. Total visibility. All from one place.

Alerting & viewing

Get a 360 view of customers networks

First, brand it up as your own (we do that for you). Next, set up alerts for what YOU need to know about. Then sit back and get a snapshot view of your customers’ entire network via a single pane of glass. That means you know about problems before they do, and they can concentrate on business as usual.

Automated monitoring

Spot problems early. Go fix them. Simple

Yes. It really is that easy. Whether it's Windows, Linux or OS X, the remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities built into the our RMM tool allow IT guys like you to stay ahead of the game. From remote servers and workstations, SNMP and VM monitoring, you’ve got it covered with easy deployment of software, patches and everything else you need to make sure customers systems are running at peak performance.

Custom scripting

…and even script your own solutions

You can also script, execute and track custom maintenance tasks. A hugely powerful tool - helping you to grow your business by being able to closely meet individual customer needs. The flexibility provided by supporting 8 of the most popular scripting languages means you can also use already familiar tools to monitor custom applications and hardware. And automate a virtually limitless number of key maintenance tasks.

Remote access

Be wherever your customers need you to be

You’re in IT so you it’s a given you need to be in two different places at once. Our Take Control and Remote Background Management tools helps you give customers a seamless, secure maintenance experience - wherever they are. One click allows quick and easy remote access to any server or workstation from your MAX Remote Management dashboard. The bottom line? You’ve got even greater control over clients’ processes and services and the capability to sort any problems pretty much straight away.

Patch management

With security guaranteed

Kiss goodbye to Windows updates and quit worrying about security on each and every device you manage. MAX patch management scans customer networks automatically or on demand - and gives you all the functionality and tools you need to effectively install and manage patches across all devices across different operating systems and products and in all languages supported by the vendor. We know – it was on our wish list too.


Fully integrated customer service. Made easy.

Improve customer experience and enhance your operational processes across all areas with full support service management and delivery - anytime, anywhere. Give your customers the service they expect and the one you can now deliver, all for an affordable cost and fully integrated with your RM solution – just a couple of clicks to configure and watch the tickets come in.

Automated maintenance

Spend less time on mundane, routine tasks

With MAX RemoteManagement you've got the ability to automate routine Admin tasks through the integrated web Dashboard, as well as to script your own tasks which you can run through the Dashboard on your own schedule. As you’d expect, the tool already has the ability to run pre-configured automated tasks - quick and easy to configure and track through the Dashboard. The result is light work for you and a functioning network for customers.

Client Groups

Secure, efficient, resourceful client management

With the new Client Groups feature, your team can manage clients even more securely, operate even more efficiently, and work even more resourcefully when they log in to the RM dashboard. Client Groups lets you create your own client lists that you can save and then allocate to team members, providing them with visibility of only the customers they manage.


Empower your customers

Security = peace of mind and business as usual for your customers

Web Protection

Web security above and beyond expectations

They might not know it but your customers need security around the web. It keeps their business safe, their workforce protected and their network functioning at maximum capacity. Web Protection is your easy-to-manage web security feature that allows you to control, monitor and deploy client web policies that help your customers work smarter and safer.  And combined with patch management, Managed Antivirus and our mail continuity and backup features – it is the most comprehensive security solution around.

Managed Antivirus

Advanced threat protection – and a good night’s sleep for customers thrown in

Your customers have to be able to trust you to deliver security around their networks. Without it – well, you know the drill. This antivirus solution means your customers get proven security and protection across the whole piece - pc’s, laptops and servers - with a very low minimal impact on system resources. We can’t tell you how reassuring this is – but we will...

Managed online backup

Better protection, starts with better backup

Guarantee the protection of your customers’ digital assets with hybrid cloud backup & recovery. Super easy to manage through your MAX Remote Management console. You can backup & recover at a file, application or machine level and protect physical and virtual machines with one-handed shortcuts. Give your customers piece of mind while you can relax and let us do the hard work.

Mobile device management

Versatile mobile management on the move (or at the water cooler)

Just when you think you’ve got IT support under control, along comes another smartass technology that changes the world. So you’ll be glad to know that we’re on the ball here. Smart, fast, secure, our integrated mobile device management solution means you can help customers manage mobile use both in and out of the workplace, protecting against device loss, enabling cost control and empowering BYOD staff to work quicker, more efficiently and more flexibly.

App Control

Cloud security. MAX simplicity

It’s not rocket-science but for your customers it can feel like it. Cloud management can be complicated for some businesses trying to go it alone - complex consoles can be difficult to work with and not everyone has the time or skills to master them. App Control gives you the opportunity to take the headache out of cloud management for your clients – and make additional revenue for yourself into the bargain.

Windows System Tray

Straight forward access to support information

The  RemoteManagement  'Windows System Tray' application tool helps you offer superior client communication when it comes to providing support. Efficient and reliable, this feature enables you to manage issues without the usual to-ing and fro-ing that can occur when trying to explain a system problem over the phone... and let's face it, we've all been there.


Outrun the competition

The smarter you work, the smarter your customers work

Asset & inventory tracking

Need more in-depth knowledge of what you’re looking at?

Fully integrated with your MAX RemoteManagement dashboard, view detailed information about your clients' software and hardware assets from one single interface - wherever you are. Right down to serial numbers, software versions, processor type, memory, and more. Keep an eye on client licensing, deliver comprehensive asset reports, spot upgrade requirements - and banned software.


Proactively spot key trends and opportunities

With the automated reporting feature that comes with MAX you get to demonstrate your value without too much effort on your part. Trust us, deliver a report to your clients and all they see is the  “green health checks” – it’s win-win. From 'client-notes' reports to bandwidth and performance reporting, hardware and software inventories to fault history – you’ll have it covered.

Integration & vendor support

Work with the tools you need to work with

We like to give you choice and make it easy to use the tools you need to run your business effectively. This includes the backup or AV vendors of your choice and  easy to install integrations with a range of ticketing and PSA systems like Autotask, Connectwise, CommitCRM, AffinityLive and others…. including our own integrated ServiceDesk.


Stay agile and scale

We’re so much more than ‘just software’

Building Blocks

All the help you’ll ever need to be a managed services success story

MAX Building Blocks have  been working hard for IT Support Companies since 2009, helping them to get the most out of working with our products and making the path to managed services pain-free and profitable. From ready-to-go flyers, to web banners to sample SLA’s, we’ve thought of it all so you don’t have to. And it’s all free.

MAX Community

11,000 plus MSPs. All working on your business.

When we say we listen, we really mean it. We’ve got over 11,000 customers, with nearly 5,000 on LinkedIn and just as many again contributing their valuable insight across our many other resources. Not to mention our regional conferences held around the world each year. We don’t need to tell you how valuable it can be when so many businesses come together to network, engage, share, advise, comment and analyze.  And it’s by engaging fully in these conversations that help make our product what it is. 


Any way you want our support, that’s the way you’ll get it

Engage, share, collaborate and convene with your fellow industry experts on any MAX product in any number of ways. Choose from our technical support forum, fixitscripts, LinkedIn group, phone support, support ticket, or of course, your dashboard. Our dedicated sales and support teams are local – and can help with everything from getting started to full Tech Walks of the product. You can even join us on regular Webinars that cover a whole range of topics designed to help you get the most from MAX.

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