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Protect your customers

> Protect your customers
> Deliver finer control
> Demonstrate your value
> Exceed your expectations


Protect your customers

Ever wondered what it takes to build a solid reputation? Reliability.

Seamless integration

The starting point? Seamless integration.

The MAX Mail services work seamlessly with any on-premise or cloud-based email infrastructure - Office 365, Google Apps, Exchange, Lotus Domino, GroupWise, Zimbra, qmail, postfix, sendmail, and more.  Features like Active Directory or LDAP synchronization allow simple, seamless integration.



Robust security and infrastructure

… and complete peace of mind around security

MAX Mail uses multiple geographically distributed data centers for both processing and storage of messages. Within the archive, messages are encrypted (via AES 256-bit encryption) and stored in read-only, tamperproof format with checksum technology used to validate message integrity.  Secure protocols are used throughout the service - including enforced HTTPS, IMAPS, and TLS-based message delivery.



Threat detection

With industry-leading virus protection

MailProtection provides a unique combination of technologies to secure your customers' networks against email-borne threats, including zero-hour antivirus defense, virtualization-based malware detection technology and traditional signature-based antivirus engines. The result? Unrivalled malware defense. Even better, we back it with a service level agreement that guarantees 100% threat detection.



Spam defense

Stops junk mail in its tracks

MailProtection’s powerful threat detection capabilities help improve productivity and reduce risk for your customers. The service blocks spam, viruses and other email-borne threats before they reach the customer network - including emerging threats. MAX uses real-time message source analysis to dynamically evaluate sending servers which works in conjunction with multiple signature-based and pattern recognition technologies to accurately analyze mail.  The result? A guaranteed 99%+ spam detection rate.



Meet compliance requirements

Keeping customers on the right side of the law

With MailArchive your customers can help ensure compliance with a wide variety of industry and government regulations by retaining their inbound, outbound, and internal email communications in a secure, tamperproof, read-only archive.  Customizable retention policies allow for message storage for an appropriate duration, while audit-trail functionality enables them to prove that they’ve complied with applicable regulations. All helping to make sure that everyone’s covered in the event of any dispute.



Protect intellectual property

With crucial information at their fingertips

Organizations accumulate substantial intellectual property within their historical internal, inbound, and outbound email communications. MAX MailArchive allows companies to easily secure that information with appropriate measures for governing and tracking access to those communications. In the event of a dispute the service provides a tamperproof record of who said what and when, along with a Legal Hold feature to flag certain messages for indefinite retention - so that when the time comes customers can confidently and quickly handle any needs involving their email communications.




Deliver finer control

Beautifully simple mail management that organizes the disorganized


24/7/365 mail access

Your customers depend on email.  Any downtime, whether with an on-premise or cloud-based email infrastructure, can be costly and painful, for the customer and for the IT organization supporting that customer.  With built-in mail continuity, MAX MailProtection allows customers to continue accessing, responding to and sending email messages even when their email infrastructure is offline.  It’s automatic, always available and easy to use - and highly valuable insurance for your customers.



Offloading mail infrastructure

However large the business, however many emails

The ever-growing volume of email puts more and more strain on an organization’s email infrastructure. MAX MailArchive relieves the burden on groaning email infrastructures, removing or delaying costly investments in hardware upgrades and saving the maintenance headaches of reliably maintaining important email.



Flexible service management

Manage the service easily … or set it and forget it

There's lots of choice around how you manage your mail service. You can easily control the MAX Mail services for your customers from a single, easy-to-use control panel, or you can deploy and manage the MAX Mail services from within the MAX RM dashboard. You can also take advantage of our web services API as well as delegate control to your customers for simple self-service management of their email security.



Demonstrate your value

Simplify chaos around mail management and put your customers in the driving seat

Hosted individual junk mail quarantines

Never lose an email

MAX MailProtection retains detected spam messages outside of the company's network in a hosted quarantine that users can access at any time.  Users can also receive, up to three times per day, a convenient, automatically emailed digest of detected spam messages with a link next to each message allowing the user to easily release any potential false positives. The use of the cloud-based quarantine reduces bandwidth consumption and mitigates risks to the customer's network.



Message tracking, logging and search

Get a quick view of mail status

Administrators can easily determine the delivery status of an inbound or outbound message via the simple message search tool that provides full delivery logs with detailed tracking information - including the specific response from the receiving mail server.  If there's ever a question as to what happened to a particular email message, MAX MailProtection provides a ready answer.



Import & export

Move mail in and out with detailed logging.

MailArchive gives customers the ability to import an unlimited number of existing messages into a single, centralized archive. They can manage the import themselves by uploading files in PST, MBOX, or EML formats, or we can do it for you. Messages can be exported from the archive at any time with detailed logging provided around movement of messages so customers (and you) can keep an eye on what’s happening and when.



Intuitive, web-based control panel

Like all things MAX, we make it easy

The web-based control panel is designed to allow both administrators and end-users to manage the service with a minimum of effort.  Hierarchical management capabilities allow administrators to make configuration changes rapidly and end users can easily access their quarantine,queue and archive via a single control panel that supports 12 languages.




Exceed your expectations

Whatever you need to make it work, chances are MAX delivers

Brand it as your own

Your business, your solution.

We know how important it is for you to be able to demonstrate your value to customers. Email is in nearly constant use by most businesses and it presents a unique opportunity to reinforce your brand and your value to your customers. MAX Mail solutions can be fully rebranded at every touch point including the control panel and the message digests -- providing you a true OEM-style comprehensive email security solution.



Building Blocks

Success is only a click away

MAX Building Blocks sales and marketing collateral has been working hard for MSPs since we started when we figured that helping you get the most out of our products would mean helping you to sell your services. Building Blocks support is about doing just that and making the path to managed services pain-free and profitable. From ready-to-go web banners and flyers to sample service delivery collateral (think SLAs, Statements of Work), we’ve thought of everything so you don’t have to. And best of all? It’s free and ready to use when you are.




12,000 MSPs supporting your business

We’ve got over 12,000 customers, with nearly 5,000 on LinkedIn and just as many again contributing their valuable insight across our many other resources. And when we say we listen, we really mean it. What’s more, with our growing global conferences program adding to the mix, we make a point of reaching out and connecting because we understand the importance of support around all our products, from RemoteManagement to Backup to Mail. It’s what underpins our success and it will underpin yours, too.




And complete support, however you need it

Engage, collaborate and convene with your industry colleagues on any of our MAX products in any number of ways. Choose from our own technical support forum, Fixitscripts.com, our rolling program of webinars or our dedicated YouTube channel with over 300 videos. There’s also the wildly successful LinkedIn group, dedicated local phone support, the traditional support ticket route or, of course, support via that infamous MAX dashboard. We even provide one-on-one Techwalks where we talk you through the in and out of a product or feature, completely free of charge.



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