Ipswitch WhatsUP Gold

Unified Network and Server Availability Monitoring 

> Quickly find and fix network and server problems.Automatically discover, map and visualize infrastructure dependencies.
> Proactively manage infrastructure health and capacity management.
> Easily track every change made to your network.
> Optimize network traffic and bandwidth utilization.
> Use actionable, unified and customizable dashboards.
> Easy to deploy and use



Monitor all from one place

Discover and map your infrastructure to gain high level visibility and rapidly isolate root causes of complex issues.

WhatsUp Gold provides a unified view and fully encompasses heterogeneous environments and vendors so you can see everything on your network. Improve your network performance and improve uptime throughout today's diverse networks by monitoring and analyzing everything from one actionable, unified dashboard. Understand the interconnections of your network, see and predict issues, and resolve problems faster with WhatsUp Gold's fully personalized dashboard that lets you discover and map your infrastructure and create action policies for your SLAs.

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Track trends and plan for changes

Understand and pinpoint problems that occur intermittently or at certain times by understanding key trends in the performance and general health of your network.

Track device data like CPU and memory to plan ahead for changes. Proactively identify areas that require additional disk space with a thorough understanding of how your devices are used. With this knowledge you can roll out extra capacity in a controlled manner.

Save with simple, no surprise pricing

Avoid the costs of big-ticket enterprise network products without giving up the power and performance you need.

Simple, device-based pricing means you pay the same no matter how many ports you use on your device and there are no hidden charges after installation. Get up and running faster, without handholding through an easy to understand user interface.

Confidently rely on your network

Get a complete view of your entire IT infrastructure including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, wireless devices, ports, and any other device connected to the network so you can be confident in your network's health.

Understand exactly where issues are happening to quickly get ahead of them. Navigate simple to understand dashboards to get everything you need to know about the health, availability, and status of your network so you can quickly get ahead of issues. Easily track the configuration, availability and performance of your wireless access points as well as wireless LAN controllers and lightweight access points. Even complex, distributed networks can be monitored with an optional highly efficient, WhatsUp Gold distributed architecture.

Get control over your changing network

Eliminate painful, manual inventories that take forever to complete and are error prone.

In less than an hour, you can automatically discover all network resources with complete precision and detail. WhatsUp Gold builds a complete picture of your network devices, systems and interconnections using Layer 2/3 network technologies so you can access the most complete information about your network available.

Spend less time troubleshooting

Make troubleshooting easier with complete visibility into both physical and virtual connectivity with a dynamic topology map including VMware and VLAN-specific information.

Flexible filtering allows you to see specific parts of your network such as subnets, virtual infrastructures, wireless infrastructures, servers, printers, etc. Automatically keep your maps up-to-date using scheduled discoveries or run them on demand.

Identify root causes quickly with automated dependency awareness

Getting too many alerts makes it tough to quickly pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

Automated Dependency Awareness displays how a network is connected and most importantly, how dependencies between devices can affect the network's operation. Dependency awareness gives you just the alerts you need to identify the source of the problem.

Stay ahead of your network with prioritized alerting

Customize notifications about anything that can compromise your network's performance so you can fix problems before users even notice with WhatsUp Gold's advanced alert center.

Quickly prioritize your response strategy so you can send the right types of alerts to the right people automatically.  Easily identify problem ownership, get status updates, and finally resolve problems efficiently. Set the rules and receive alerts for both point-in-time and thresholds you choose.  For example, get alerted when individual CPU usage reaches a certain level or get alerted when average CPU consumption across the devices, over a period of time reach a certain level - so you stay ahead of CPU-related device performance problems.

Easily personalize reports to share with stakeholders

Impress your organization with insight and solutions with the reports you need directly on your desktop, tablet, even your smart phone.

Personalize dashboards and reports simply and easily to inform stakeholders and meet compliance requirements. With over 200+ out-of-the-box reports on your wired and wireless networks, applications, systems, and hardware you can quickly and easily share what's happening with others. Troubleshoot in real-time with split-second graphs. With top 10 reports on your dashboard and access to historical reports you can plan your capacity and resource allocation more effectively.

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