gfi mail essentials


As an award-winning email security and anti-spam software solution for business, GFI MailEssentials protects your network against spam, email-borne malware and dreaded ransomware attacks.

How does GFI MailEssentials benefit you and your business?

  • Provide cleaner and safer mailboxes to your colleagues and management by eliminating 99.9% of spam and complete malware protection using up to five antivirus scanning engines.
  • No matter how big or complex your email infrastructure is, you can rest assured that GFI MailEssentials can handle your needs and more! You can even manage multiple servers simultaneously via the web based management features.
  • Via it’s multiple deployment options, it ensures that even the email servers are protected by filtering out the bad stuff before it reaches it. This gives you peace of mind that your server is not hosting malware within it.
  • You will save a considerable amount of time by not having to to manage spam quarantines or allow/block lists. Your users will be empowered to do this via a daily spam digest, and client side plugins


Learn how GFI MailEssentials can help you through this brief product overview.