gfi endpoint security


Information can be lost, stolen, deleted or infected far easier by someone inside your company than on the outside.

You can spend thousands of dollars to protect your data from the outside world, but how much do you spend to protect it from threats within the company? Over the past few years, high profile internal leaks have cost businesses millions in lost revenue and reputation damage.

GFI EndPointSecurity can prevent that from happening to you.

GFI EndPointSecurity protects your data by giving you:

  • Full control over what data can be copied onto removable devices.
  • Automatic device discovery and protection.
  • Tamper-proof desktop agent with automatic installation
  • Strong 256-bit encryption to protect data on company-approved portable storage devices.

Learn how GFI can help you through this brief product overview.GFI EndPointSecurity has all the ingredients you need to protect your business from data loss or theft. If you don’t want to hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons, this is what you need.