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Securing your IT infrastructure in VMware environments


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Modern concepts of virtualization create many advantages: Considerable pressure is taken off the budget for expenses for hardware since servers are pooled, operating costs are curbed thanks to reduced energy and space requirements, and the resources formerly bound can now be flexibly used otherwise. Thus, especially Managed Security Service Providers have many advantages for the effective, time- and cost-saving securing of the networks of different departments. The central administration and monitoring, a particularly high failure-safety as well as extensive backup mechanisms have proven successful.

To assure the best possible protection also for virtual systems, both the internal and external data traffic between the servers and the outside must be reliably controlled. Only this way, unauthorized access and threats can be prevented in a timely manner. This is where gateprotect’s Virtual Appliances come into play. They can be integrated into virtual environments seamlessly and individually by just a few clicks and offer powerful all-round protection “made in Germany”. This enables you to fully benefit from the advantages of virtualization and, above all, use them safely. The Virtual Appliance is available as a VMware image for testing purposes, but also as an ISO image. It may be operated on any system where there is either VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VMware Server or VMware ESX Server in place.

With the eGUI® technology, gateprotect takes safety and efficiency of operation to an unequalled level. gateprotect‘s innovative security solutions “made in Germany” have been honored with several awards and offer reliable protection without any backdoors.


  • eGUI (ergonomic Graphic User Interface): Central configuration desktop, Layer-Function, Zoom-Function
  • Firewall: Patch Management, Certificate Management (CRL, OCSP)
  • Packet filter, NAT, DynDNS, DHCP Server, DMZ, User authentication, Single-SignOn, QoS, Bridging, V-LAN, Routing (RIP v2, OSPF), Application Level, Traffic Shaping
  • Internet: Failover, Webblocking, Mailfilter, Concurrent connections, Load Balancing
  • Proxies: HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SIP (VoIP), HTTPS
  • VPN SSL (X.509 certificates): Site-to-site, Client-to-site, Site-to-site (Bridgemode); IPSec (X.509 certificates, PSK): Site-to-site, Client-to-site; PPTP (PSK): Client-to-site
  • Site to site: SSL (X.509 certificates), SSL (X.509 certificates) + Bridgemode, IPSec (X.509 certificates, PSK, XAUTH, L2TP)
  • Optional (UTM-Products): Virus filter, Spam filter, Web filter, App filter, IPS

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