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> Critical Infrastructures – Protected at Two Levels.
> German Security with Reliable Firewalls
> Complete Protection for Networks and Endpoints
> Complex Security Made Easy
> Next Generation Firewall Revolutionized
> Efficient and Reliable Firewall Management
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Easy to use complete solution

To meet the individual security requirements of small and medium-sized companies, an easy-to-use complete solution is the answer: The UTM firewalls from gateprotect comprise innovative security and network features for the reliable protection of your network and your data against Spam, viruses and malware.

By means of state-of-the-art security functions such as Single Sign-On, Traffic Shaping, QoS, IPSec/SSL IDS/IPS, Webfilter and Virusfilter, all parts of the company can be protected against attacks from the web in an effortless and effective way. Even home offices, branch offices or mobile devices are interconnected in a safe manner.

The patented eGUI technology displays all protection areas of a company in a clearly arranged graphic interface. The result: minimum efforts, fewer operator errors, lower costs. Thanks to this usability, our UTM solution has been honored with several international awards!



The gateprotect GPO series serves as an entry-level solution for Unified Threat management and allows for cost-efficient complete protection for lawyers’ offices, medical practices, small companies and offices. The current hardware includes four network interfaces that can be individually configured and assures high transfer rates so that comprehensive UTM security is provided even for several users. The GPO series is also very suitable as an endpoint for the secure interconnection (via VPN) to a network protected by a gateprotect next generation firewall.

gateprotect gpo 150 web





The gateprotect GPX series is best suited to the needs of medium-sized companies or single departments of large company groups that value a high level of security, availability and performance. Eight network interfaces enable the physical separation of a company’s divisions and thus help protecting the network even against internal threats.

Thanks to the consequent use of high-quality components, the hardware is especially high-performing and stable.

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The gateprotect GPA series has been especially designed for small and medium-sized companies that, besides high requirements as to security and reliability, also value an especially good performance. The comprehensive Unified Threat Management provides for a cost-efficient all-round protection, combined with top performance.

The interconnection of branch offices via VPN as well as the use as an endpoint for the connection to further locations may be realized with the GPA series without any problems.

Thanks to its flexibility of use, good performance and the excellent price-performance ratio, the GPA series is the best choice for small and medium-sized companies.

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The gateprotect GPZ series has been designed especially to fit the needs of customers in the enterprise segment who highly appreciate performance, stability and high availability. To assure this, gateprotect has once more improved its flagship, the GPZ series.The latest, third generation of the GPZ series consists of 3 models for which a completely new hardware has been developed. This hardware offers, besides outstanding performance, substantially increased flexibility. The GPZ series furthermore includes four additional slots that may be adjusted to the customer’s needs. Thus the performance and availability of the GPZ, that are already very high, are raised to a previously unequalled level.

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