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ControlNow Platform


Central Control

Manage, monitor and secure your network from a single, central web-based console.

> Single console. Complete control.
> The right tools
> Save time and money
> Forge stronger relationships


Single console. Complete control.

Hassle-free endpoint management

Endpoint management doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply download the lightweight ControlNow agent for the devices that need to be managed. In minutes, the services, policies and settings you select are in place. There’s no time-consuming configuration for viewing device data in your console. It’s IT management – minus the complexity.


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One interface, total visibility

Quickly and easily manage your business IT from a single online console. The ControlNow platform is web-based, which means in a few clicks you’ll have complete visibility of your IT environment at any time, from virtually anywhere. The interface is user-friendly, so it’s easy to manage servers, laptops and workstations, and take action before IT issues impact your business.


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The right tools


Keep your business network free from spyware, malware and viruses with endpoint protection that’s centrally deployed and managed. ControlAntivirus delivers award-winning IT security without the bloatware that slows systems. Configuration is quick and easy. Your network defense will be up and running in minutes.



Patch management

So many patches, so little time – sound familiar? ControlPatch removes the hassle and headache of keeping your entire network up to date. Quickly and easily configure patch policies across servers, workstations and laptops from the ControlNow console. More than 50 third-party applications are supported, including Microsoft®, Adobe®, Java™ and Chrome™, and many more.



Workstation and server monitoring

Keeping an eye on your network is time-consuming. ControlMonitoring acts as your eyes and ears, and provides you with the information you need about your network’s performance.  Automated, configurable performance monitoring across your network is always at your fingertips – and just a click away.



Web protection

Block malicious websites and control bandwidth usage centrally. Real-time reporting and automated notifications with ControlWebProtect enable you to manage web browsing and usage. Pre-configured, policy based filtering helps you and your business work more efficiently – and be more productive. 



Remote control

Taking control of remote computers with a single click can reduce support headaches. ControlRemote, powered by TeamViewer®, makes it possible. You gain around-the-clock remote access to unattended devices, with rapid response and optimized performance. 



Free asset tracking

Inventory management is a cornerstone of IT control, yet it’s difficult and time-consuming to manage servers, workstations and laptops if you’re unsure of the systems and software those machines are running. This is a particular challenge when you’re overseeing multiple locations and on-the-go laptops.

ControlAssets is completely free. There are no limits on time, or the number of servers, workstations and laptops you can track. See everything from a single, centrally managed online console.


Save time and money

Super-easy policy configuration

ControlNow has preconfigured settings for all services, which enables you to quickly and easily deploy policies across your entire network of servers, workstations and laptops.  Our platform is cloud-based, so there’s no need to invest in new hardware or worry about troubleshooting server issues


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Simple, flexible management

Use the full range of ControlNow services or customize  services to suit your business.  With clear and simple pricing, you can accurately predict annual costs. Say goodbye to complex licensing. Instead, add and manage more devices and services directly from the console.


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