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Protect what matters with free antivirus for your Android™

> Get more space & longer battery life
> Control your own privacy on social networks
> Protect the whole family with AVG Zen for Android

AVG Android Mobile 

Enjoy more space & longer battery life to ensure your phone is always there for you

Free up space

for more of the apps & media you love


Safely remove hidden clutter, unused apps, calling history, your largest files, & more to free up space for even more of the apps, photos, & music you love most. 8a ui more space avg cleaner english 230x375


More power  

to make it through the day on one charge

8b ui avg memory cleaner longer battery english 229x360 






Turn off your phone's more battery-hungry features with a single tap, or go PRO to have your phone automatically switch on or off settings as needed.









Take back control

Quickly see which apps are doing what

Easily sort your apps by size, frequency of use, battery drain, or mobile data usage. Decide which are worth keeping, & tap to remove the rest.


Set & forget  

Auto Clean will do the rest


Never lift a finger! Just turn on Auto Clean & your clutter will be safely removed for you on a daily or weekly basis: app cache, browsing history, calling history, & more. 8c ui avg cleaner mobile phone with female finger pointing auto clean english 410x375



Control what you share

across all major social networks


AVG PrivacyFix takes you straight to your privacy settings to give you the pros & cons of each one. From there, you can easily turn any of them on or off with just a click. 8f privacy fix test


One click to fix

It's never been so easy

8e ui avg privacy fix finger on mobile phone 331x437






See your privacy levels at a glance and change any that you are not comfortable with.





Blocks tracking

Block over 1,200 trackers

If you are not comfortable being tracked on the websites you visit, then you can choose what to do about it.

And on Android, it even works when you are out and about by blocking the unsolicited WiFi mobile tracking that shops may use to pinpoint your location.


Goes where you go

Block over 1,200 trackersWorks across any PC, Mac®, Android™, or iOS® device

One simple overview across all your family’s devices.

Any changes you make on one is automatically changed across the others. Just download the plugin or app for whichever device you use.

Easily manage an unlimited number of devices, all from the same place, no matter who they belong to. Cover PCs, Macs and Android™ smartphones and tablets — all for free.





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