AVG File Server Security Edition


AVG File Server Edition is our award winning Windows® server antivirus solution designed specially for small business.                                                   Designed to keep out online threats protecting your Microsoft Windows® file servers. 11d banner BAU File Server
Business Antivirus for your Windows® File Servers

AVG Smart scanner
Your network needs our Scanner

Save time so you can focus on your business with AVG Smart scanner.
Suffer less distraction and delay with our products, allowing you and your employees to focus on driving your business                                                     forward.

AVG Smart Scanner
Only scans your PC when you’re not using it. Drops to low-priority mode as soon as you move your mouse or hit a key.                                                       To keep scan times to a minumum, it ignores files that it has already scanned and knows are safe.

Silent Mode
Dramatically shortens security-scanning times thanks to a smarter scanning sequence that follows the order in which                                                 files are saved to the hard drive.

File Server Security
Your files needs to be secured

When your file server is down, so is your business. Stay secure with file server security.
Keep your business moving with AVG’s award winning file server security software.

AntiVirus for Business
AVG award winning business antivirus helps stop, remove and prevent spreading of viruses, worms and trojans within                                                        your business network.

AVG Anti-Rootkit
Detects and removes dangerous rootkits that hide malicious software that seeks to take control of your computer.

AVG Anti-Spyware
Keeps your identity safe from the Spyware and Adware that tracks personal information.

Remote Management
Your server needs greater control

Even greater control with remote endpoint security management from a single console.
Manage your endpoint protection and server antivirus software remotely on your business network from a single location                                             with AVG Remote Administration.

AVG Remote Management
Stay in control of your business endpoint protection software no matter where you are with AVG Remote Administration.                                           Easy deploy and manage your network antivirus software on your PC, laptops and file servers. Includes active directory                                               integration with enhanced visibility.